What is Project Surplus

How is Surplus Material created?

The project has been successfully completed, the customer is satisfied the contractor is satisfied, but on the Yard or in the warehouse there is still a considerable amount of material. Surplus material, this is caused by various causes such as

  • Ordered wrong
  • Only required during the execution of the project (test materials)
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Scope changes during the project

No matter how Surplus arises and whatever legitimate reason there is, Surplus is WASTE and sin of the raw materials, labor and resources used.

Solutions from ProjectSurplus.eu

ProjectSurplus specializes in recovering the dead capital that seizes surplus materials. By (early) timely deployment of our specialists you improve your project result and reduce the attack on natural resources and resources.

Our specialization is pipeline construction, so we offer a solution

  • Pipes
  • Flanges
  • Fittings
  • Supports
  • Valves

Availability for the owner

Of course, your materials will remain throughout the S.M.M. route completely your property and immediately available when you need it.

Definition Surplus material.

Surplus material is unused, in usable condition and provided with the necessary certificates.

Cost and value

All these materials cost part of your OPEX and represent a value.

  • Stock costs
  • Personnel costs
  • Building and land costs
  • Costs for the utilities (Gas Water Light)
  • Cost internal Transport
  • Costs External Transport
  • Inventory costs
  • Costs of capital attachment

Value Surplus stock

What for you Surplus stock is, for other companies, a valuable product.

Stitch flange knows like no other the various processes to recover this dead capital for our clients.

Initially there are 3 main paths for recovery. Each of the trajectories represents and increasing value that is usually in function with the required time path. The starting point for a successful recovery is the original purchase price (OAP)


Surplus Recovery

1 Scrap +
Scrap is the fastest solution for recovering capital stored in Surplus materials.

Scrap also has the lowest yield for the owner. Through the ScrapBeheer ™ of ProjectSurplus.eu we optimize the recovery value, among other things, by disassembling and sorting the various materials and offering it as “single materials” to the market.

2 Sale in Loten
Steekflens has the infrastructure and the customer base to offer the Surplus materials as a LOT to the market. A LOT is a coherent batch of materials suitable for certain customers. Sale in batches, whether or not at auction, offers a higher recovery value in a limited timeframe.

3 Customer To Market
Steekflens.NL is a trader in these materials and has a demand for the mentioned products.

By contributing your Surplus in our daily practice, we generate the highest recovery value. In some cases, the value even exceeds the OAP. However, direct sales do not have a predetermined timeframe.

How does it work ?

In general ProjectSurplus.eu is called with the question “to come and see”.

During the appointment our recovery engineers make a Field-Inventory and you immediately get an insight into the (im) possibilities.

Checklist Field-Inventory

When our Recovery Engineers come, it is useful to prepare a number of things.

This makes the visit more efficient and ensures that you receive your Recuperation Plan faster.

  • Original purchase invoices
  • Present certificates
  • Length width height weight of the Surplus

It is also important that you already think about the desired recovery amount and the time that you have before you can complete the process.

In the Field-Inventory, where photos are usually taken, we start a desktop survey with as outcome a Recovery Plan containing a proposal for the next phases in the recovery trajectory.

  • Collection of goods
  • Assessment
  • Disposal of “waste”
  • Estimation Recovery value
  • Storage plan
  • ProjectSurplus.EU

From Waste to Capital



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