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The marketplace for Overstock and warehouse clearance

We offer you the possibility to use our network for selling your project overstock and warehouse clearance. Adding value to your overstock. You can do this by placing your articles on our website but we can also supervise the entire process for you. From inventory of the overstock till storing your products in our warehouse.

ProjectSurplus specializes in recovering the dead capital that seizes surplus materials. By (early) timely deployment of our specialists you improve your project result and reduce the attack on natural resources and resources.

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Sell your own overstock on Project Surplus. You can place your products on our website. Provide the product information and we take care of the entire process for you.

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We offer a great and various amount of products in our marketplace: flanges, studbolts, fittings, work pipes, covers etc. The product quality varies from new to used, but still good.


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